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October 13, 2020
Truck Driver Overcome by Carbon Monoxide
Shortly after a fuel leak on a semi-trailer truck was repaired at a dealership, the driver noticed it was leaking again. While en route to the dealership to get it fixed, the driver was unaware that fuel was leaking on the exhaust manifold. The driver was overcome as the A/C system pumped carbon monoxide from the burning fuel into the cabin and struck a parked car in the dealership parking lot.

file-icon Safety-Alert-Driver-Overcome-by-Carbon-Monoxide-11-2020.pdf
September 30, 2020
Worker Crushed by Pumpjack Equipment
Two workers were removing an alignment bolt from an out-of-service pumpjack horse head at a storage yard. The horse head was connected to the walking beam and situated in an upright position, therefore containing stored energy. “Worker A” was positioned under the walking beam. When “Worker B” began removing the alignment bolt, the walking beam collapsed, crushing and fatally injuring “Worker A”.

file-icon Safety-Alert-Worker-Crushed-by-Pumpjack-Equipment-10-2020.pdf

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