Performance Metrics Program

Energy Safety Canada’s Performance Metrics Program provides injury and illness reports based on Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) claims data. These reports can highlight safety issues that impact frontline workers every day.

Health and safety performance, target issues and age demographics reports are available for download in the next section.

Employer, Industry Sector and Issue-specific reports are available for Oil & Gas companies via direct request.

Industry Reports

Click on the title below to download the respective report:


The following reports are only available to Oil & Gas companies in Energy Safety Canada’s industry codes. A member of the ESC Industry Development and Support team will follow up once a report has been requested. 

Employer H & S Profile

Provides a synopsis of an individual Oil & Gas company’s health and safety performance, compared with historical performance as well as industry sector average.

Industry Sector Profile

Contains the health and safety performance of a single Oil & Gas industry sector, and the health and safety issues affecting that sector.


Provides information about a specific issue — an event or exposure highlighted in the Industry Sector Profile Report, for a specific industry sector.


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