Become a Certified Instructor

Energy Safety Canada instructors take pride in delivering nationally-recognized training courses. Our instructors have on-the-job experience and diverse backgrounds to help students take knowledge from the classroom back to the work site.

Instructor Application Process

To become a Certified Instructor, you must be sponsored by an Authorized Training Provider (ATP). The sponsored applicant may be a staff member or a contract instructor.

The ATP must demonstrate a business need as part of their request for an application and accompanied using the ATP Instructor Referral Form (there is no fee applied to the referral form).

ATP sponsorship does not guarantee that an application will be accepted. 

Please find an Authorized Training Provider in your area. Alternatively, you may explore applying for your company to Become an Authorized Training Provider

Application fees

An application fee is due once a full application is submitted. Please review the Steps and Fee Guide for more information. 

The application fee of $250 and all subsequent instructor training costs may be paid by the applicant or the Authorized Training Provider .

Energy Safety Canada Instructor Application Guide

Once you receive the application documents (both Instructor General Application and course specific) from your ATP you must have the following documents ready.

It is recommended that you look through these documents before determining if becoming a Certified Instructor is right for you.

Current Certified Instructors may ask a current ATP to sponsor them to instruct additional ESC courses for no additional application fee. 

Our goal:

Zero injuries.

Zero incidents.