Controlling Chemical Hazards Program Development Guideline

The oil and gas industry uses and produces a variety of chemical products on its work sites. To create safer, healthier work sites, workers need to be aware of chemical hazards and role and responsibilities in controlling these hazards.

Program Documents

Guidance Sheets

Guidance sheets are intended to be flexible in application and provide guidance to user rather than act as a prescriptive solution. Recognizing that one solution is not appropriate for all users and situations, it presents accepted guidance that generally applies to all situations. The guidance sheets are divided into five topics and designed for all stakeholders.

  • Substance 
  • Operations
  • Advice for Stakeholders
  • Control Approaches
  • Important HSE Topics

The following sample guidance sheets are an excellent source of information on various safety issues. They can be used to educate the workforce, stimulate discussion during tool box / tailgate / start-up meetings and assist in controlling various chemical hazards.