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Authorized Training Provider Application Form

Authorized Training Providers are organizations, institutions or individuals that are granted, by Agreement, permission to offer Energy Safety Canada courses. They are responsible for overseeing all operational aspects of course delivery, including ordering materials, submitting documentation, scheduling classes, ensuring the suitability of course locations, as well as overseeing the professional conduct of Certified Instructors.

The Energy Safety Canada Authorized Training Provider Handbook details requirements, best practices, and areas of discretion that ATPs have with training. It is recommended that interested applicants review this document prior to applying.

Training Facilities

Energy Safety Courses can only be taught at facilities that meet certain room size, technology equipment, and practical exercise equipment requirements. The ESC Licensed Course Equipment Lists details the equipment, if applicable, is required to be approved to offer an ESC course. Please review these lists before indicating which Energy Safety Canada courses you have interest in offering. After reviewing photos you have attached to the application form, an ESC representative may reach out to you for details on what equipment you intend to use for offering the courses you indicate on the application form. Energy Safety Canada may decide to conduct a facility visit before course approval is given.

Current Authorized Training Providers

If you are a current Authorized Training Provider and you wish to add more courses to your Agreement, please complete and submit the Authorized Training Provider Additional Course Request Form. Do not complete a new application.

Application Stages

The Authorized Training Provider Application will be completed in three stages.

Stage 1

Complete an Energy Safety Canada Authorized Training Provider Application form below and submit it with required documents. This will include This will include a $1,000 Application Fee to be paid after submitting the form below. 

Stage 2

If your application to become an Energy Safety Canada Authorized Training Provider is preapproved, a written notice will be sent to you requesting:

  • Proof of Insurance
    • Workers’ compensation or contingent employer’s liability
    • Comprehensive general liability with Energy Safety Canada as an additional insured
    • Comprehensive automobile liability
  • Proof of Equipment Photos (as required based on the courses selected in Stage 1)
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance procedures
    • If you own your equipment, please detail how it is cleaned and maintained. If you lease, rent, or contract, who provides the equipment or cleaning service?

  • Authorized Training Provider Representative Form
    • You must assign at least one representative to order course materials and one to submit courses online. One individual may have both roles.

Stage 3

If your application is fully approved, you will be extended an Authorized Training Provider Agreement to sign. A Maintenance Fee is also required to be paid prior to the agreement being fully executed by ESC. The Maintenance Fee is an annual payment made when an ATP first successfully applies and at the end of each year.

Application Support

If you have questions or require support during the application process, please contact Evaluations@EnergySafetyCanada.com and we will be sure to answer questions or prior guidance on any of the application steps.

Authorized Training Provider Application Form

Instructor Name | Full-Time, Part- Time, or Contract Employee | Course(s)
Please include all photos for each location listed in Section 5(b) in one PDF or ZIP file.
For cancelling courses and refunding students in the event that a course is cancelled or student withdrawal.