New Issue Proposal

To submit a new issue proposal, please complete the form below.
Energy Safety Canada (ESC) Call for New Proposals is now open. The purpose of this call is to bring new health and safety initiatives forward for discussion and possible incorporation into ESC’s operational planning process.
What is the issue that industry needs to address? Please be specific and clearly define the scope of the issue. Attach any supporting, information, statistics, research, etc., that may support the need for action on this issue.
What action has brought this issue forward (e.g., regulatory change, safety incident, identified risk, etc.)?
Is this issue time sensitive? Can it wait? Is there a social license/perception issue? Is there a suggested completion date of this initiative?
Recommend any potential solutions to the issue. What form could the solution take? (e.g., IRP, training, guideline, conference, etc.) Could an existing Energy Safety Canada product be revised as a possible solution? Are there other places where this issue or initiative is being addressed? If yes, please elaborate. (i.e., Canadian Standards Association, American Petroleum Institute, etc.)
Which Industry Association members are directly affected by this issue?
Are there other organizations outside of Energy Safety Canada that should be involved in this issue? (e.g., Regulators, etc.) Occupational health and safety regulators in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
How would success be measured for this issue? How will we know that we have met our objective?
How is the industry association willing to support the initiative going forward? (e.g., committee resources, SMEs, etc.) Please provide a list of member companies that you would like Energy Safety Canada to consult with regarding this issue.
As a first step of the issue analysis stage, Energy Safety Canada will contact the sponsoring association to discuss the proposed issue in more detail. Please provide a name and contact information for this initial meeting.
Please submit proposals by June 17, 2024. If you have any questions, please contact