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February 24, 2023
Storage Tank Becomes Brittle and Cracks
During a visual inspection of a product storage tank, a trace of solidified product was identified, indicating a crack along the drip ring and the annular bottom plate. The tank specification called for the steel to have a minimum design metal temperature (MDMT) of -40 C but the material became brittle at lower temperatures (-15 C and below), resulting in a crack.

file-icon SA-01-2023-Storage-Tank-Crack.pdf
February 21, 2023
Vehicle Recovery | A Program Development Guideline
This guideline has been developed to provide light and medium duty vehicle operators in the energy industry with general information to avoid injury and damage while attempting to recover stuck vehicles. While acknowledging that every situation is unique and must be evaluated, this document gives an overview of commonly used equipment, and the general process to use, as well as identifies common hazards.

file-icon IDS-GDL-034-Vehicle-Recovery-Guideline-Draft-(Industry-Review).pdf
October 27, 2022
Drill Line Cuts I-Beam Due to Incorrect Spooling
During drilling activities in a deep well, a significantly damaged I-beam located below the drilling rig crown block was identified when a melted piece of metal fell to the rig floor. The drill line was spooled incorrectly and had cut almost completely through the I-beam, which was located below the crown block and water table. This could have led to a serious incident.

file-icon SA-10-2022-Drill-Line-Cuts-I-Beam.pdf
July 13, 2022
Worker Fatality by Mechanical Asphyxiation
The driver of a tank truck was unloading fluid at a production facility. The driver was found unresponsive inside the pump box of their truck with their left arm sleeve entangled in the pump shaft. After an hour and 30 minutes of resuscitation efforts by workers and emergency response personnel, the worker was declared deceased from mechanical asphyxiation.

file-icon SA-08-2022-Worker-Fatality-by-Mechanical-Asphyxiation.pdf
May 26, 2022
Worker Suffers Electric Shock
A rig crew was in the process of rigging out. One worker verified that the plug (“male”) end of a 240-volt power cord was not connected and placed the cord alongside the pipe rack. Like a household power cord, the plug is the end that would normally be inserted into the electrical outlet, or panel, for power. Unbeknownst to these workers, this electrical panel had the opposite configuration, and the socket (female) end of the cord was still attached to the power panel.

file-icon SA-07-2022-Worker-Suffers-Electric-Shock.pdf