Energy Safety Canada Launches New Brand Identity for Oil and Gas Safety

October 18, 2017

Energy Safety Canada unveiled its brand identity today, one that helps define its role as the new national voice for oil and gas safety. 

Energy Safety Canada unveiled its brand identity today, one that helps define its role as the new national voice for oil and gas safety. Formed through a merger of Enform Canada (Enform) and Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA), Energy Safety Canada brings together the best of both associations to accelerate improvements in safe work performance.

“Energy Safety Canada represents standards, discipline and expertise in oil and gas safety,” says John Rhind, CEO of Energy Safety Canada. “Our brand identity, which we have unveiled today, reflects who we are and embodies the principles of Energy Safety Canada and our vision for the future.”

The Energy Safety Canada logo was inspired by the colours and visual language of safety seen every day on the jobsite: the use of two primary colours which come from the ubiquitous blue coveralls worn by workers in the field and the highly visible “safety yellow”, as well as the use of the iconic diagonal reflective safety stripe often used on crosswalks, stairs and industrial work clothing. The precise grid of letters used to spell out Energy Safety Canada symbolizes the data-driven, forward-looking future of the organization.

The new brand identity was officially launched at Energy Safety Canada’s annual Executive Summit on Safety at the Calgary Petroleum Club. Nearly 100 senior executives from the oil and gas industry gathered to hear Mike Williams recount his experience as the chief electronics technician during the Deep Water Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Mike shared his views on how the industry can support workers to accelerate safe work performance – a powerful reminder of the importance of process safety in the industry.

“A key objective of Energy Safety Canada is to facilitate the collaboration that’s required across all of our industry sectors to standardize and simplify and create best-in-class safety training and services,” says Murray Elliott, President of Energy Safety Canada. “In the coming months we will be reviewing and launching initiatives but, in the meantime, business continues as usual. Nothing has changed for workers or companies – whether it’s Enform or OSSA training certifications, safety audits, or other services.”

Energy Safety Canada also launched a microsite today,, to provide information on the new organization. Viewers can continue to access existing training and resources, including safety tool kits, safety reports and alerts, and other information at Enform and OSSA.