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Fatigue Risk Management | A Program Development Guideline

The purpose of this guideline is to help organizations design and implement an effective Fatigue Risk Management Program. The goal of the program is to reduce incidents, injuries and damage where fatigue is recognized as a factor.
December 3, 2015

The intended audience of this guideline includes, supervisors, managers, health and safety personnel, senior management and executives, fatigue risk management committees, stakeholder groups, and anyone responsible for designing and implementing a Fatigue Risk Management Program.

Fatigue Risk Management Guiding Principles

The Fatigue Risk Management Guiding Principles have been designed to address the issues related to fatigue in the workplace.

The signing of the Fatigue Risk Management Guiding Principles represents an industry consensus and recognition that managing the risks associated with fatigue is a top priority and shared responsibility. It serves to broaden the focus of fatigue management within industry.

Fatigue Risk Management Guiding Principles

Fatigue Management Wallet Card

Fatigue Management Wallet Card - Ready Print file