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DACC IRP Volume #20 – Wellsite Design Spacing Requirements (Available for Industry Review)

IRP 20 provides practical and efficient wellsite design to meet regulatory requirements and accommodates the services in a manner that allows for the protection of workers, the public and the environment.
October 3, 2022

Wellsite design considers both the working area for operations and the space required outside the working area (within the lease boundary) for sloping and soil/material storage. Effective wellsite design balances the requirements of the local jurisdictional regulations with the spacing necessary for safe operations in order to protect workers, the public and the environment.
IRP 20 was opened for a full scope review in November 2020. A significant revision to Edition 3 of the document deals with simultaneous operations which reflect the current working environment.

Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organizations: CAPP, Enserva, CAOEC
Current Status: Draft IRP, 30 day Industry Review (November 1, 2022)
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