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DACC IRP Volume #26 - Wellbore Remediation

Wellbore Remediation Industry Recommended Practice (IRP) provides best practices for performing efficient, long-lasting wellbore remediation while mitigating impacts to the environment and protecting groundwater.
January 29, 2021

IRP 26: Wellbore Remediation contains recommended practices to re-establish wellbore integrity and/or ensure hydraulic isolation between porous intervals. The IRP assumes the type of remediation required has been identified through regulatory requirements or existing well information.
Information about remedial cementing was originally provided in IRP 25: Primary Cementing. The Drilling and Completions Committee (DACC) decided (2017) to expand on remedial cementing and create one document for all wellbore remediation, including the use of pumpable products other than cement.

The IRP discusses the data analysis, job design (i.e., technique selection and material selection), job execution and post-job evaluation of the following remediations:
•    Groundwater Protection
•    Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF) and/or Gas Migration (GM) Repair
•    Porous Zone Isolation
•    Water or Gas Shutoff and Injector Conformance
•    Completion Interval Isolation
•    Casing Repair

Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organizations: PSAC and CAPP
Current Status: Sanctioned November 17, 2020
Feedback: To provide any feedback or comments on the current IRP 26 document, email