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DACC IRP Volume #02 – Completing and Servicing Sour Wells

IRP 2 provides information and recommendations for the completing and servicing of sour wells.

February 3, 2022

This IRP provides practices for completing and servicing sour wells with a service rig. It includes general safety considerations for working with sour that apply to all operations whether with a service rig or not for sour and elevated sour operations. These safety considerations are referenced from the specific IRPs for that service. The IRP does not cover basic equipment, operational, safety or procedural requirements for non-sour wells. It discusses only what is required above and beyond those basic requirements when dealing with a sour well.
The latest edition of the IRP was updated to define the sour requirements and then additional (elevated sour) requirements necessary based on release rate and proximity (formerly critical sour). Terminology changed from critical sour to elevated sour to use language that is not jurisdiction-specific. This edition does not simply make all of the previously critical sour requirements apply for all sour wells. All IRP statements were reviewed to verify and distinguish between sour and elevated sour requirements. 

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Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organizations: CAPP
Current Status: Edition 3 Sanctioned January 19, 2022
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