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DACC IRP Volume #01 - Critical Sour Drilling

Critical Sour Drilling Industry Recommended Practice (IRP) provides the operator with advice, best practices and guidelines regarding drilling critical sour wells.

March 25, 2015

Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organization: CAPP
Current Status: Sanctioned March 2015
Other Information: The sixth edition of IRP 1 was sanctiond by DACC in March 2015. Highlights of the changes over the previous edition include:

  • An end-to-end editing to ensure readability and produced in the DACC style guide introduced in 2013.
  • Added grade C110 throughout 1.4 Casing Design and Metallurgy
  • Updated information on BOP side outlets and new configuration diagrams in 1.5 Blowout Preventer Stack
  • Removal of references to pipe grades no longer permitted for sour service and updates to prequalifications in 1.8 Drill String Design and Metallurgy
  • Updates to the scavenging section for clarity in 1.10 Drilling Fluids
  • Minor updates for consistency with AER Directive 36 in 1.11 Kick Detection
To provide the DACC with any feedback or comments on IRP 1 (Mar 2015), email