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Launching Soon | New COR Audit Tool

August 4, 2023

New COR Audit Software Tool Details
The Energy Safety Canada new COR audit software tool is set for release in September 2023 with the exact release date soon to be announced. These are a few changes that will impact stakeholders:

Audit Registrations
  • Audit registrations are now a 2-part process to be completed by both the employer and the auditor, then submitted to ESC for processing and payment.
  • Employers initiate the audit registration by accessing their My Account on the ESC website. Their login is connected to their Employer information in the system, assisting with data accuracy and convenience of auto-populating fields.
  • Audit registration for employers is completed in eight steps and auditors are notified to finish the registration with further information.
  • Auditors provide additional audit details including site and interview sampling when completing their portion of the audit registration.
Audit Tool
  • The onsite gathering portion has a familiar flow for entering data and scoring for document review, interviews and observations.
  • The tool provides spell check and grammatical errors and, as a web-based tool, screen size adjustment is available.
  • A countdown clock guides auditors on remaining time for onsite work and report writing and submission.
  • Tool navigation allows for easy movement between questions.
  • The tool has similar functionality to append field notes into the formal note area.
  • The final report also has a familiar look, and the audit review process remains the same for this version of the tool’s release.
  • The audit tool is cloud-based and requires an internet connection to use.
  • Offline tools such as information gathering tools will be available to collect onsite data.
Releasing the Tool & Training
Energy Safety Canada will provide training through several methods, prioritizing audits registered in September and October. We will provide step-by-step guidelines and recorded demonstrations. Additional training will be assessed post-launch. We will contact employers and auditors with audits happening in and around the launch month to provide support in using the new tool.

Energy Safety Canada will support the launch process by transferring audit registrations with start dates in the launch month into the new system for employers, then assisting auditors in finishing the process to be set up in the new tool.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we transition to a new COR Audit Software system. We look forward to working with you and providing you with ongoing support to continue to meet your COR needs.