ACTION REQUIRED! Download of Revised 2023 COR Audit Software Tool

February 15, 2023

Some errors were identified in the original release of the eCompliance 2023 COR Audit Software. Now that they have been fixed, Energy Safety Canada requires all auditors to download the updated version.

Check your Software Version!
You may already be running the most recent version. To check, open the eCompliance audit tool on your computer and look for the version number on the bottom right of your screen. The latest version is: Alcumus Audit Tool 2023.2.6.39182. 

Please see below for information about downloading the latest version:
  1. Uninstall and reinstall
For audits in progress – Save the audit (.eca) file to your local drive, then uninstall the eCompliance Audit Software from your computer. Follow these instructions to reinstall: eCompliance Audit Tool Download Guideline.
If no audits are in progress - Follow the uninstall and reinstall instructions: eCompliance Audit Tool Download Guideline.
  1. After downloading
Once the revised audit tool is downloaded, you must re-activate the License Key to access any recently completed or initiated audits. Follow these instructions: Adding License Key Guideline.

Please contact us if you require additional support.