Maintaining Your SECOR Assessor Status

January 10, 2022

Information on maintaining your SECOR assessor status
Check Your Training Status
With the start of a new year, it’s a good time to check your training status—prior to submitting your SECOR audit registration—and plan for any refresher courses required to keep your SECOR Assessor certification up to date.  
Every three years, SECOR Assessors must attend an Energy Safety Canada-approved refresher training course, based on the anniversary date of your most recent required training course.  
To view your training record, log into My Account and select My Certifications.  
Designated SECOR Assessor 
The SECOR Assessor completes the small employer audit each year and submits the audit for review. A company’s designated SECOR Assessor must be one of the following:
  • Company owner
  • Most senior operational person
  • Employee familiar with the overall work operation.
The designate must successfully complete the Energy Safety Canada Safety Program Development course. 
Energy Safety Canada's procedure for SECOR Assessors can be viewed here. 

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