Become an Auditor

Energy Safety Canada offers two certification tracks for safety auditors.

The first track is for Internal Auditors who intend to perform internal (maintenance) audits for the company with whom they are full-time employees. An Internal Auditor cannot conduct an audit for any other company.

The second track is for External Auditors who may be hired by companies to conduct External (Certification or Re-Certification) audits. The External Auditor track has additional educational and experience-level requirements.employees. An Internal Auditor cannot conduct an audit for any other company.


Track 1: Internal (Maintenance Auditor)


  • Must be a full-time employee of the company being audited.


  • Complete Energy Safety Canada's two-day Safety Program Development Course.
    NOTE: If applicants meet the requirements to become an external auditor, they are not required to complete Safety Program Development.
  • Complete the Internal Auditor Application form and submit it to Energy Safety Canada for review two months before the desired course date.
  • Register for the Certified Health and Safety Auditor Program (CHSAP) within four months of the approval date.
  • Complete Energy Safety Canada's five-day CHSAP within one year of the approval date. You must achieve at least 80% on the final exam.
  • Review and sign acceptance of Energy Safety Canada's Certified Auditor's Agreement.
  • Submit a Qualifications Audit to Energy Safety Canada within six months of completing the CHSAP. Your Quality Assurance review score must achieve at least 80%.