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Process for Becoming an Instructor

To become a Certified Instructor, you must be sponsored/referred by an Authorized Training Provider (ATP). To initiate the process, the ATP must complete the Authorized Training Provider Instructor Referral form and submit it to Training@EnergySafetyCanada.com. There is no fee for the referral form.

The sponsored applicant may be a staff member or a contractor.

ATP sponsorship does not guarantee that a referral will be accepted.

Once a referral has been accepted, an application form will be provided to the ATP. The completed form and an application fee of $250 must be submitted. Incomplete applications or applications without payment will not be reviewed.

Please see the List of Authorized Training Providers in your area. Alternatively, you may wish to apply to Become an Authorized Training Provider.

Energy Safety Canada Instructor Application Guides and Pre-requisites

You are strongly encouraged to review these documents before determining if you wish to become a Certified Instructor:


Becoming Certified to Instruct Other Energy Safety Canada Courses

If current Certified Instructors wish to instruct additional Energy Safety Canada courses, they must still be sponsored by an ATP (there is no fee for the referral process).

Our goal:

Zero injuries.

Zero incidents.