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June 29, 2016

Overexertion is the second leading cause of injury in the upstream oil and gas industry. Overexertion is excessive physical effort directed to an object, which can result in sprains and tears of muscle and connective tissues.

What does the data say?

Over the last five years in the three Western provinces overexertion accounted for:

  •  ~3,400 claims
  • ~$14,400,000.00 of claims cost
  • ~40,000 lost days

The top three sources of overexertion are:

#1 Handling Pipe
#2 Handling Tools and Equipment
#3 Handling Hoses

All three of these results in shoulder and back injuries.

How can these overexertion injuries be prevented?

  • Get your body ready for work
    • Conduct warm up and light stretching 
    • Conduct a hazard assessment prior to a lift or carry
    • Any past injuries?
    • Is the travel path understood by all and clear of obstructions?
  • Should you have help?
  • Use the correct posture for a lift and carry
    • Lift with legs
    • Keep loads close to your body
    • Keep your back straight
  • Access aids like pipe or hose holders/clasps for additional support and grip
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