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Process Safety Resources

October 17, 2016

Enform Resources

Web Based Resources

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Chemical Institute of Canada / Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers: Process Safety Management (PSM) Division

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Energy Institute (UK)

Center for Chemical Process Safety (USA)

  • CCPS Home Page
    • The CCPS is a community within the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The CCPS provides publications, conferences and training opportunities related to process safety.
  • Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety (Center for Chemical Process Safety [CCPS] of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers [AIChe], 2007)
    • This is the publication that lays out CCPS's 4 Pillar / 20 Element Process Safety Management structure and can be purchased here.

IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers)

US Process Safety Regulatory Framework

  • US OSHA Process Safety Regulations
    • The landing page for the US Occupational Safety and Health Association's regulations on process safety including links to 29 CFR 1910.119

US Chemical Safety Board (CSB)

Human Factors and Process Safety

  • The Human Factor: Process Safety and Culture (SPE Technical Report, March 2014)
    • The Society for Petroleum Engineers held a two-day summit on human factors in 2012 to explore possible actions in response to the US National Commission on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling report. The conclusions of that discussion captured in this paper provide an excellent synopsis of the challenges and possible solutions for process safety (and in particular the human factors process safety must wrestle with) for the upstream industry. The article is free (however you will be required to create a login for One Petro if you do not already have one).
  • Human Factors Resources Landing Page (HSE)
    • The element of human factors is critical within process safety management. Work sites and processes need to be designed and evaluated with an eye to the limits and tendencies of human performance and behaviour to effectively manage process safety hazards.
  • Human factors awareness: web-based training course (free)
    • This is a free online course from the Energy Institute aimed at building awareness of human and organizational factors. Each module is approximately 30 minutes and includes case studies and assessment questions. It is intended for those responsible for managing people and safety, e.g., senior managers, managers, supervisors and operators, as well as those seeking an introduction to human and organizational factors.

Process Safety Metrics

Process Safety - Leading key performance indicators (supplement to Report 456) by IOGP

  • This is a supplement to the 2011 publication of Report 456, Process Safety
    – Recommended Practice on Key Performance Indicators. It builds on the
    experience of IOGP member companies, and others, to provide further guidance
    for companies on how to establish process safety key performance indicators
    (KPIs) that are leading.

CCPS Home Page for Process Safety Metrics

  • This page provides the CCPS guidance on process safety metrics and includes a link to a Excel spreadsheet that provides a step through process for determining which events constitute a "process safety incident"

Process safety: recommended practice on key performance indicators (OGP)

  • This document offers OGP's definition for Tier 1-4 process safety leading and lagging process safety indicators. Some large oil and gas operators in Canada participate in OGP's process safety incident reporting program.

API RP-754: Process Safety Performance Indicators for the Refining and Petrochemical Industries

  • This page will provide access to the API process safety standards for leading and lagging indicators. It includes access to introductory presentations and documents as well as a link to an online read-only version of RP-754.

Developing process safety indicators: A step-by-step guide for chemical and major hazard industries

  • A practical guide produced by the UK HSE in 2006 to assist companies in major hazard industries to develop their own company specific indicators on their process safety / major hazard risks and controls

Progress on Process Safety Indicators - Necessary but Not Sufficient?

  • A discussion paper commissioned by the US Chemical Safety Board and written by Peter Wilkinson that reviews major contributions in process safety metrics and advocates for the development of process safety metrics that are aligned with a company's known major hazards and their corresponding controls or barriers

Loss of Containment Manual by the Health and Safety Executive

  • This document, originally designed to give guidance to inspectors under the Key Programme 1 - ‘Reducing offshore hydrocarbon releases’ initiative, indicates ten important elements relating to the management of the integrity of the process containment envelope and provides advice on topics for inspection within each of the elements. The maintenance of high standards of operation in these areas should help to minimise the frequency of occurrence of offshore hydrocarbon leaks.
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