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DACC IRP Volume #22 - Underbalanced Drilling and Managed Pressure Drilling Operations Using Jointed Pipe

October 17, 2018

This IRP is a three part package consisting of:

  1. IRP22 Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling Operations,
  2. IRP22 RMD Checklist, and
  3. IRP22 Hazard and Risk Assessment Register - Risk Register.

Click here to download - IRP 22 Hazard and Risk Assessment Register – Risk Register (Excel file)

Click here to download – IRP22 RMD Checklist

Process Flow Diagrams (Visio Diagrams and PDFs)

 To view and download a print-friendly version of IRP 22, click here.

Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organization: CAPP and PSAC
Current Status: Sanctioned September 2018


To provide any feedback or comments on the current IRP 22 document, email safety@energysafetycanada.com.  You will receive an email confirmation from Energy Safety Canada.

In This Section

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