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DACC IRP Volume #14: Non-Water Based Drilling Fluids

November 24, 2014

IRP 14 (2014) provides introductory information on the makeup and use of non-water based drilling fluid. It then offers both general and specific recommendations to minimize the hazards and control the risks presented by these fluids. Companies that work with or around non-water based fluid should find that these recommendations provide a useful starting point as they develop their own strategies for managing the health and safety risks posed by these fluids. Both health and safety as well as operation personnel may also find IRP 14 serves as a useful educational tool on the use and risk of non-water based drilling fluid.

Of special note in the second (2014) edition are:

  • Tables containing practical suggestions for controling inhalation and skin contact exposure hazards.
  • Tables containing practical suggestions to prevent ignition and fires.
  • Guidelines on fluid testing, including recommendations based on flash point, aniline point, and GC C30+ testing.
A Toolbox Talk is available for Controlling Invert Exposure.

Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organization: CAODC and CAPP
Current Status:  This second edition of IRP 14 was sanctioned in November 2014.

Feedback or suggested corrections on IRP 14 (2014) may be made by emailing safety@enform.ca


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