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DACC IRP Volume #08 - Pumping of Flammable Fluids

January 27, 2016

IRP 8 addresses the issue of safe handling and pumping of flammable fluids during well servicing operations. More specifically, it stipulates recommended practices for a well servicing operation with flammable fluid storage tanks, multiple personnel and equipment. Topics covered include:

  • Pre-Job Planning
  • Bulk Storage of Flammable Fluids
  • Pre-Spotting Activities
  • Pre-Blending and Blending Pumping Procedures
  • Fire Protection for Rig Out
  • Handling Well intervention and Flow Back Fluids
  • Fire Protection Requirements
  • Mobile Safety Shower Requirements

IRP 8 (2016) represents the results of a limited scope review conducted between December 2014 and December 2015. The most significant changes include:

  • Review and update of 8.2.2. Fluid Classification (formerly 8.2.4) and the corresponding Appendix B: Guidelines for Classifying Flammable Fluids (formerly Attachment 1: Guidelines for Classifying Flammable Fluids)
  • Moved information from Attachment 4 Well Servicing -- Wellhead Rig-In Procedures and Pressure Rating of Wellhead Valves to Section 8.2.5.
  • Review and update of 8.4 Pre-Spotting Activities (includied distinguishing between planning functions vs pre-spot safety meeting)
  • Added Hot Zone planning and placarding responsibilities to 8.4 Pre-Spotting Activities and removed Attachments 7 and 8 which previously dealt with Hot Zone placarding.
  • Reworked 8.9 Fire Protection Requirements. This included moving requirements formerly captured in attachment 13 Fire Training Requirements into the main body, creating a matrix for determining fire protection requirements including fire protection for small volumes, as well as updates on fire fighting training for well service personnel.

Developer: DACC

Sponsor Organization: PSAC
Current Status: Sanctioned January 2016.

Feedback: If you have any concerns or questions regarding IRP 8 (2016), you may contact the DACC by emailing safety@enform.ca (include "IRP 8" in the subject line). 

In This Section

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