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DACC IRP Volume #03 - In Situ Heavy Oil Operations

November 30, 2012

IRP Volume # 3 - In Situ Heavy Oil Operations identifies recommended practices relevant to in situ heavy oil operations regarding worker safety, public safety, and environmental protection across the life cycle of an in situ heavy oil project. It may act as a guideline for Operators and Service Companies during employee training, or may be accessed as a guide to support the development of internal procedures for safe in situ heavy oil operations practices.

The document is comprised of six chapters broadly representative of the chronology, or life cycle, of an in situ heavy oil operation. Each chapter is targeted toward a particular audience and moderately accessible to the in situ heavy oil generalist. Each chapter has been produced with its own title page and table of contents to facilitate printing only the relevant sections for the interested user.

A "Doghouse Package" consisting of appendices related to wellsite spacing requirements have been produced as stand alone pdf documents in both 8.5x11 and 11x17 format.

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