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DACC IRP Volume #01 - Critical Sour Drilling

March 25, 2015

This Industry Recommended Practice (IRP) is a set of best practices and guidelines, compiled by knowledgeable and experienced industry and government personnel and is intended to provide the operator with advice regarding Drilling Critical Sour Wells.

Sponsor Organization: CAPP
Current Status: Sanctioned March 2015
Other InformationThe sixth edition of IRP 1 was sanctiond by DACC in March 2015. Highlights of the changes over the previous edition include:

  • An end-to-end editing to ensure readability and produced in the DACC style guide introduced in 2013.
  • Added grade C110 throughout 1.4 Casing Design and Metallurgy
  • Updated information on BOP side outlets and new configuration diagrams in 1.5 Blowout Preventer Stack
  • Removal of references to pipe grades no longer permitted for sour service and updates to prequalifications in 1.8 Drill String Design and Metallurgy
  • Updates to the scavenging section for clarity in 1.10 Drilling Fluids
  • Minor updates for consistency with AER Directive 36 in 1.11 Kick Detection

To provide the DACC with any feedback or comments on IRP 1 (Mar 2015), email safety@enform.ca


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