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Potentially Serious Incident (PSI) Guideline

June 10, 2019


The Potentially Serious Incident (PSI) guideline was reviewed and revised by an industry task group. This guideline is intended to assist the oil and gas industry in the identification and reporting of incidents with the potential to cause serious injury to a person.

A PSI is any event where a reasonable and informed person would determine that under slightly different circumstances, there would be a high likelihood for serious injury to a person.

The decision tree below has been developed to assist industry in the identification of PSI's. 

Toolbox Talk

A toolbox talk on PSI is available to assist front line workers and supervisors with recognizing PSIs. 

Presentation Tips:

  • Understand the topic and how it applies to you and your team.
  • Research your own company's experience and provide examples that pertain to your work areas.
  • if you're not able to answer a question, find the information and make sure you follow-up.
  • Consider the audience. Are they familiar with the topic and the terminology?
In This Section

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