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SECOR Program

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COR/SECOR Annual Service Fees

There is an annual fee for COR/SECOR-related services. View our COR/SECOR Fee table.

Service Fees Info

Acquire a Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR)

Companies with ten or fewer employees must complete the following steps:

1. Register your company with the applicable provincial governing body.

2Successfully complete the Safety Program Development course. This course will provide you with the tools and information required to set up a successful audit.

3. Complete and submit the Certifying Partner Request if your company:

  • Does not have a profile with Energy Safety Canada.
  • Is switching to Energy Safety Canada from another Certifying Partner
  • Is new to the Certificate of Recognition Program

Please allow three days for Energy Safety Canada to review your request.  Upon approval, you will receive a welcome letter via email. 

4. Develop and Implement a health and safety management system using the framework of the Energy Safety Canada Small Employers Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) Protocol.

Before submitting an audit, ensure you have 12 months of documentation to support your company's health and safety management system. NOTE:  Companies that have at least three months of audit documentation (policy documents and records) may be eligible to receive a one year SECOR.

5. Perform and submit a self-assessment using the Energy Safety Canada Small Employers Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) Protocol and include the necessary supporting documentation. Submissions can be completed online or by binder submission.

Please allow two to four weeks for Energy Safety Canada to complete the quality assurance review.

To achieve a SECOR, the audit of your company’s health and safety management system must receive a passing mark (80% overall with no less than 50% in any one element). Upon a successful quality assurance review the company will be notified, and a Small Employer Certificate of Recognition will be requested through the applicable governing body. 

Please allow 10 days from the approval notification date for your certificate to be issued and mailed to you.

Maintaining your SECOR

Once you have a SECOR, you need to maintain it annually with a maintenance SECOR audit. The process is the same and the supporting documents should reflect the last 12 months of your safety program activities (i.e. safety meeting minutes, inspections etc.).

When are your Audits due? The month listed on your SECOR is actually your annual due date for your audits, whether its your maintenance audit or recertification. Use that month as a guide to submit your audit.

Maintaining your Assessor Status

To maintain your Assessor status, you must complete one of the following refresher courses every three years. Your refresher course must be completed prior to registering or submitting an audit. Please ensure the course is certified by Energy Safety Canada (note: training providers may offer courses with similar names, but which do not meet the refresher requirements).

SECOR Audit Protocols

Two Ways to Submit your SECOR Audit

Energy Safety Canada has two options to submit your SECOR audit. Option 1 is to use the online submission system and Option 2 is a binder submission.

Option 1 Online Submission

We encourage small employers to use the online system.  The online submission process is intended to provide the SECOR holder with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency for developing, managing and compiling all required documentation for your annual audit.

To register your SECOR online and start using the online submission tool follow these three simple steps:

  • Login to My Account 
  • Select Auditor Portal
  • Click on the New SECOR Audit Request   

Option 2 Submission

Option two is to submit by binder via mail or courier. Please download and complete the below SECOR audit protocol and send in along with your safety manual, supporting documentation and payment in a binder format.

Important Note:  The below SECOR Audit Protocol has been updated and is required to be completed and submitted annually with your binder submission.  Audits submitted using old forms will be returned without a quality review. 

Time Frames for Option 2 Submission:  From the Audit/Assessment Start Date to the Audit/Assessment End Date  employers have 15 days to complete the data gathering activities.  The audit submission is required to be received at Energy Safety Canada Calgary office within 21 days of the Audit/Assessment End Date.   

Download SECOR Audit Here:   


Download the Fillable SECOR Audit Protocol


For multiple company audits, please complete the form below.


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