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3 ways Enform supports safety regulation in Canada 

This week we’re going to explore our relationship with WCB, and look at how we collaborate to support safety culture in Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry.

We spoke with Joy Piehl, of WorksafeBC to get her perspective on how they work with Enform to make sure workers get home safely every day. Continue reading

PetroLMI: support for a skilled, sustainable oil & gas workforce

If you’ve seen the name PetroLMI around recently, you may have been wondering about Enform’s latest division. Who are they and where did they spring from? Continue reading

New initiative to help you avoid major incidents

Previously on this blog you’ve heard us talk about the importance of process safety. As a member of Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry you undoubtedly understand that major incidents such as fires, explosions or spills are at the forefront of industry social licence concerns. Continue reading

A history of Enform you’ll actually read

We’re proud to be the safety association for Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry and we’d like you to know how we got here…but we’re not going to ramble off dates like a history textbook. Here are the milestones we think you’ll find interesting:

Continue reading