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NEB Chairman speaks to Enform Safety Summit

April 29, 2015

Executive Summit on safety emphasizes importance of actions; announcement made to create an industry executive committee on safety culture

CALGARY - AB, Despite economic challenging times, safety remains a top priority for the oil and gas industry. This was evidenced by the record number and senior-level expertise of industry leaders in attendance at Enform’s 5th Annual Executive Summit on safety today at the Calgary Petroleum Club.

While providing industry leaders with the opportunity to share experiences and implement safety best practices, this year’s conference focused on how to operationalize a culture of safety within Canada’s oil and gas industry. Keynote speaker Peter Watson, Chairman and CEO of the National Energy Board (NEB), urged more than 125 senior industry leaders to move values of safety beyond the "poster in the boardroom" and into business planning and processes.

"Safety culture can’t be the isolated accountability of one team," said Watson, adding that every level of leadership in every team in the company has to be on board with it. "It can’t be the afterthought in financial planning. It can’t be just a value posted on a wall. It means having a well-documented and systematic approach to manage and reduce risk, and to promote continual improvement in all aspects of safety – from organizational structures, resources, and accountabilities to policies, processes and procedures."

Watson also described the national regulator’s interactions with stakeholders as being in "the eye of the storm" when it comes to public perceptions about the energy industry. "A part of how the NEB will weather that storm is to accept it, to embrace the growing public need to learn more about safety practices in the industry and to see how those practices are put into action every day."

"It’s been a challenging year for the energy sector," said Enform CEO Cameron MacGillivray, noting the Executive Summit had drawn a significant increase in conference attendance from four years ago. "As leaders in the industry we have a profound opportunity to enhance a safety culture which is ever more important to the industry."

In the next few months, Enform will reach out to industry and federal and provincial regulatory agencies including the NEB to establish an executive committee with a mandate to continue to evolve industry’s safety practices and performance. "The committee will ultimately equip companies with best-in-class tools and resources to move the vision of safety culture from philosophy to practice," said MacGillivray.

"Operationalizing safety culture requires an integration throughout an organization of leadership-driven values, practices, behaviours, training and performance which leads to the continuous reduction of incidents," added MacGillivray.

"We believe that our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely and in an environmentally responsible manner" said Ken Lueers, President, ConocoPhillips Canada. Added Ross Pickering, Senior V.P. Operations at Precision Drilling Corporation, "Leaders who are responsible for the strategic direction and management of safety within their organizations can demonstrate and motivate people through their own actions and words, to engage in exceptional safety performance."

The annual Executive Summit is an extension of Enform’s mandate to provide safety best practices, assessment, collaborative forums, training support, metrics and communication around all matters relevant to upstream oil and gas industry safety that advances the mission to help companies eliminate work-related incidents. Its extensive work across industry sub-sectors and regulatory jurisdictions positions Enform to initiate real actionable progress through the Summit and other collaborative forums.

About Enform

Enform supports and promotes the highest safety standards in Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry through innovative training, certifications, services and resources. We work with our clients and partners to ensure that everyone goes home safely every day.

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