Injury Statistics and Reports

Energy Safety Canada’s Performance Metrics Program provides companies with detailed injury and illness reports based on Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) claims data.
This dataset offers Energy Safety Canada an opportunity to research the injury trends and pinpoint specific issues affecting areas in the upstream oil and gas industry. Energy Safety Canada’s analysis of the data can highlight safety issues that impact frontline workers every day. Statistical knowledge of current injury rates allows Energy Safety Canada to target its activities to help reduce injury to workers.

Industry Reports

Energy Safety Canada produces a variety of statistical reports on injuries in the oil and gas industry for a variety of stakeholders, including the six oil and gas industry associations. Click to download the Year-over-Year Review of the Health and Safety Performance Dashboard for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry in Western Canada.

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Employer Health and Safety Profile Reports provide a synopsis of an individual company’s health and safety performance, compared with historical performance as well as industry code average. The list of historical claims included with these reports provides insight on recurring injuries and illnesses, which highlight areas of concern for a given employer. Comparing the employer’s premium rate to its industry code’s base rate reveals the direct financial impact of health and safety performance. *Note: this report will only be shared with the company that requested it.


Industry Sector Profile Reports compare a particular industry code’s health and safety performance with that of the oil and gas industry as a whole. These reports highlight target issues of concern for the industry code and help further understanding of health and safety performance issues common to a given industry code.


Issue Specific Reports analyze a specific issue – an event or exposure highlighted in the Industry Code Profile Report – for a specific industry code. By trending and evaluating the target issue, effective and specific solutions can be developed.

Our goal:

Zero injuries.

Zero incidents.