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Working On & Around Bodies of Water & Ice | A Program Development Guideline - For Industry Review

This guideline provides a strong foundation for the development of a comprehensive program for working on or around water and ice.

Energy Safety Canada is seeking industry feedback on its draft Working On and Around Water and Ice Guideline.

The risk associated with tailings operations presents a challenge for the oil sands industry. Although this guideline focuses on this work environment and situations, the information can be applied to other industries that work on or around bodies of water and ice.

  • Hazardous ground conditions;
  • Tailings storage facilities;
  • Determining ground characterizations;
  • Working on bodies of water;
  • Working on frozen surfaces;
  • Working in proximity of water;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Marine specific training; and
  • Emergency response preparedness

The 45-day industry review period for this document concludes on April 19, 2021.


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