First Line Supervisor Blowout Prevention Exam Challenge

The First Line Supervisor Blowout Prevention exam can be challenged for two consecutive recertification cycles. A current First Line Blowout Prevention certificate that is valid or has expired by no more than 30 days, OR, a valid Second Line Supervisors Well Control certificate; even if the student challenged First Line on their last certification, is required to take the challenge exam.

Students opting to challenge the exam must first register with Energy Safety Canada. Once registered, the student is responsible to contact an approved testing facility to schedule a date and time for the exam (Sitting fees may apply). The exam will be conducted on a computer at an Approved Testing Facility through an online proctoring system. The exam will only be accessible once you arrive at the testing facility. This is a one time registration that is only valid for 30 days from the date of registration.

Upon Completion

Upon achieving a passing grade of 70% or higher on the exam, you will receive a self-print First Line Supervisor Blowout Prevention Certificate that is valid for three years.

Topics Covered

  • Source and magnitude of pressure
  • Causes and warning signs of kicks
  • Shut-in procedures
  • Crew positions and duties during well control operations
  • Procedures for circulating out influxes
  • Government regulations


  • Government issued photo ID
  • Basic calculator
  • Blank paper and writing instruments


  • To learn more about how to register for the challenge exam or how to access materials in preparation for the challenge exam, contact Energy Safety Canada: or 1.800.667.5557
  • There will no longer be a re-write attempt for failed challenge exams.
  • If you fail the challenge exam, you will be required to take the full course.
  • Students who miss a scheduled appointment for the challenge exam at Energy Safety Canada will not be reimbursed their registration fee per the Cancellation Policy

Our goal:

Zero injuries.

Zero incidents.