Certified Health and Safety Auditor Renewal

This course provides an overview to Energy Safety Canada certified health and safety auditors who want to maintain their auditor certification or learn about updates to the audit process.

Upon Completion

Auditors will continue to be authorized to conduct audits on behalf of Energy Safety Canada. A formal Energy Safety Canada certificate will not be provided for this course.

Topics Covered

  • Develop and improve auditor skills
  • Review of the Quality Assurance process
  • Updates from the Safety and Certifications (SAC) department
  • Updates from government agencies related to the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program


  • A current Energy Safety Canada Certified Health and Safety Auditor Certificate Note: If your certificate has expired, the standard allows up to six months from the expiry to complete the renewal program. The standard does not allow any new audit registrations until recertification is complete.
  • Maintenance of your auditor certification by having performed two audits or maintenance audit options in the previous three year certification cycle Note: If this requirement has not been met, the auditor will be required to conduct and submit a regular Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit within six months of the renewal program before recertification can be granted.
  • Your application must be approved prior to registering for this course. Apply Now
  • Once Energy Safety Canada approves your application, a confirmation email will be sent to you with the course registration contact information.
This course is delivered virtually and additional requirements are required to ensure the best learning experience. Please read the following fully before registering.

Equipment Requirements for Virtual Class

  • A currently supported version of your operating System for Windows or Apple
  • Stable internet connection with a supported web browser
  • Web Camera
  • Speakers / Microphone (headset recommended)
  • A government-issued, picture ID
  • Latest version of Zoom - as well as an account with Zoom
  • Once registered, click HERE to access a Virtual Course Tutorial Video for assistance


  • All course registrations are booked through Energy Safety Canada.
Virtual Classrooms
  • Virtual classrooms have a class schedule and students tune into instructor-led lectures at the same time.
  • Students must be on time and present for all virtual classroom course content instruction.
  • Students who miss any virtual classroom course content cannot be certified and registration fees will not be reimbursed, as per the Cancellation Policy.
  • Virtual classroom course duration may continue beyond 4:30 pm.
Online Courses
  • Online courses allow students to take the course at their own convenience. There is no instructor.
  • Online courses are accessible for 90 days from the registration/course purchase date.

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