Special Oilfield Boilers

This course is for rig workers who require a general knowledge of the safe operation of an oilfield boiler, with a capacity of up to 1,000 kw, or for individuals who want to prepare to write the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) Special Oilwell Operator exam (SOO) or Special Boiler Operator exam (SBO). This is a preparatory course only. 

Upon Completion

Upon successful completion of the exam that is conducted by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA), you will be certified by ABSA. The certificate is renewable by paying a yearly fee to ABSA. More information on ABSA Power Engineering

Topics Covered

  • Boiler regulations and basic principles
  • Design of wellsite boilers
  • Boiler construction and materials
  • Boiler parts
  • Boiler fittings
  • Combustion and firing equipment
  • Automatic boiler controls
  • Boiler water treatment, operation and maintenance
  • Pumps and injections
  • Boiler operation
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Boiler safety


There are no prerequisites to take the classroom portion of the course.

To qualify for the Special OILWELL Operator examination, participants must meet the following ABSA criteria:
  • Six months’ experience in an installation that involves a boiler or boilers operating as part of a transportable power plant at a drilling or hydrocarbon production site.
  • Fully complete the ABSA AB-144 Application Form that is available on our website
  • Email to boilers@EnergySafetyCanada.com

To qualify for the Special BOILER Operator, examination, participants must meet the following ABSA criteria:

  • Fully complete the AB-066 & AB-066a ABSA applications, which are available on ABSA’s website. www.absa.ca
  • Email to boilers@EnergySafetyCanada.com
  • Please ensure that you are applying for the correct examination according to your employer and/or industry you work in. For more information about these two examinations, please visit www.absa.ca

    Application Process

    • Your application must be approved prior to registering for this course. Participants are required to fill out an ABSA application form and submit it by email to Boilers@EnergySafetyCanada.com at least 21 days prior to the Special Oilfield Boilers program. 
    • Once Energy Safety Canada approves your application, we will submit it to ABSA on your behalf. The completed application form must be approved by ABSA in order to write the examination at the end of this course. 
    • Please note our cancellation policy for this course on Page 1 of the application form


    • All registrations are booked through Energy Safety Canada
    • Energy Safety Canada does not have any affiliation with students ABSA certification. For information regarding recertification, replacement certificates or exam results, please contact ABSA
    • In the afternoon of day-three, ABSA comes to our facility to administer the examination
    • Photo ID is required to write the exam
    • Course duration may continue beyond 4:30 pm