INFO SESSIONS AVAILABLE | Changes to SECOR audit protocol

August 8, 2022

Changes to SECOR audit protocol
Due to legislative changes and updates to the Partnership Program, ESC is making changes to our audit tools. While the changes to the SECOR audit protocol don’t come into effect until 2023, we encourage you to become familiar with them and begin to make any necessary changes within your own programs.

To assist with this, small employers’ contacts and HSE consultants (if applicable) are invited to join us for an information session, which will include:
  • Overview of new content - HSE representatives and committees, violence and harassment, and other affected parties
  • SECOR audit protocol revisions - scoring changes, layout, changes to specific elements
  • Updates you may need to make to your programs to meet the new requirements and the resources to help you
Please click to register for one of the information sessions listed below: