Follow Up Information for Auditor Certification/Recertification

January 17, 2022

Follow Up Information for Auditor Certification/Recertification
Further to our communications on auditor status, below is information on requirements for the auditor certification/recertification process.   
Certified auditors must be recertified at least once every three years. To be eligible for recertification, auditors must:
  • Attend an auditor refresher training session within the three-year certification period, and
  • Successfully complete one audit (this is a change from a previous requirement of two audits) within the three-year certification period.
Auditors Holding Limited Status from 2020 or 2021
Auditors holding limited status (i.e., after completing a documentation-only qualification audit in 2020 or 2021), must conduct a second qualification audit. The second audit must include both documentation and interviews (conducted remotely) and be completed by December 31, 2022.
  • Focused training on interviews and use of the audit tool will be available soon.
Auditor Candidates - Qualification Requirements
For certification, auditor candidates are required to:
  1. Complete auditor training covering all required content,
  2. Pass the full auditor exam covering all required content, and
  3. Successfully complete a qualification audit based on both documentation and interviews (conducted remotely).
While the COVID pandemic continues, auditor candidates are allowed a one-year period after completion of auditor training, to complete and submit their required qualification audit to their Certifying Partner (CP) for review.