Update Auditor Guidelines

August 31, 2021

Helpful guidelines to complete your audit

Two new auditing guidelines are now available:

Team Audits and Merging Guidelines

The guideline includes:  

  • Introduction to Team Audits and the eC-Audit Tool

  • Tips for conducting Team Audits 

  • Merging and combining eCompliance audit files 

Executive Summary Example

The example provides a best practice executive summary to use while creating an audit report. The executive summary should include:

  • an attention-getting statement, including the audit score

  • the purpose of the audit 

  • the scope of the audit

  • the employer's name, locations audited and the audit time frame 

  • key strengths which are company specific and applicable to the audit content

  • key high-priority areas for improvement which are clear and actionable (include the deficiency, corrective action, and benefit of implementing the suggested actions)

  • reference to audit activities

  • name/signoff of the auditor

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