Auditor Performance Management System

October 4, 2021

More details on the Auditor Performance Management procedure
Energy Safety Canada Auditor Performance Management System includes not only ethical infractions but also Audit Quality Issues. This is outlined on pages 11 – 13 of the SAC-PRO-041 Auditor Performance Management (APM) procedure.

Our Quality Assurance team works with auditors through the audit review feedback process and also individually to ensure all audits submitted meet the quality area of the APM. This process also includes issuing Education letters that provide resources and expectations to auditors.

Auditors should carefully review the QA Summary document that is provided after a review. The Summary has a ‘For Future’ section, the expectation is that the items listed are applied to the next audit that is conducted.
As the busy audit season approaches, we are asking all auditors to ensure any audit submitted meets the requirements for audit quality.  Help us in our journey to One-Review Audits!

Resources are provided in the following links:

Our goal:

Zero injuries.

Zero incidents.