Advantages of an Action Plan as an Audit Option

January 5, 2021

Benefits and eligibility information for Action Plans to maintain a company's COR
Action Plans can be used in lieu of conducting a maintenance audit in order to maintain a company's COR, provided the company meets the necessary requirements.

Benefits: An Action Plan maps out a process to address any gaps identified in previous audits, and is an effective way for companies to maintain their COR and continue enhancing their safety program.

  • The employer must have a current regular COR. (Please note - WorkSafeBC currently does not support Action Plans.  If you hold a BC COR a regular maintenance audit will need to be conducted to maintain the BC COR). 
  • The employers must be in a maintenance year and have completed one full, three-year COR audit cycle. 
  • The employer must obtain written approval from Energy Safety Canada to use an Action Plan.
  • The last certification audit must have achieved a 85% or higher as an overall score, or if applicable, achieved an 80% or higher in the previous year's action plan. 
To apply click here.

To review the Action Plan Submission Form, the Action Plan Guidance Proposal and Action Plan Guidance Submission, click here and scroll to the Action Plan section.

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