Safety Audit Brief #5

August 4, 2020

Information on writing an auditor note
Writing a Quality Auditor Note
Writing the final audit report can be a long process. Energy Safety Canada recommends keeping your notes short, simple, and to the point with the following tips:  
  • When auditors write the audit report they must fully answer each audit question and applicable validation method. Use third person language and do not just repeat the question.
  • To support your findings and the scoring awarded, provide the tally of positive interview responses or total records reviewed and verified to support the score awarded.
  • The note should also include a company specific example or detail related to the question. Provide at least 1 but no more than 3 examples per note. Avoid writing generic notes which could apply to any company.  A company specific example or detail supports the auditor’s findings for the company being audited.
  • Be mindful of things that must be kept confidential such as employee names. Notes must be free of contradictions and auditors personal opinions.
  • Remember to read the guideline for each question to see examples and question/note requirements.
If you have any questions or concerns on the requirements please reach out to us before the audit report is due.

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