Reminder: SECOR Maintenance Audit Due

November 5, 2020

How to submit your SECOR 2020 maintenance audit
Our records indicate your company is due for a maintenance audit in 2020. If you have already submitted or registered an audit for 2020 no action is required. In order to continue to provide services to our small employers during COVID-19, we are asking all small employers to submit their SECOR audits through our online system.

We know that is may be a challenging time for you to conduct an audit.  We want to assist in any way we can to ensure you are maintaining your SECOR to be ready to work.  Also, to maintain your eligibility for any WCB rebates you may receive by maintaining your SECOR in 2020.  Please give us a call if you require assistance with conducting your maintenance audit.

To register your SECOR online and start using the online submission tool follow these three simple steps:
  • Login to My Account
  • Select Auditor Portal
  • Click on the New SECOR Audit Request
To assist employers with the online system, the following instructions are being provided on how to Register and Submit your Small Employer audit through the Online System: All applicable fees can be paid by calling 1 800 667 5557 ext 3. 

Note: Assessors can submit both maintenance and certification audits for their company. Alternatively, the company may choose to hire an Energy Safety Canada Qualified Auditor to conduct either maintenance or certification audits. (Note: if this option is used, the Assessor is still required to have updated training.)  
If you are not planning to complete an audit with us this year, please contact us so we may update our records and advise you of the impact to your SECOR.

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