Formal Hazard Assessment Resources

October 1, 2020

Formal Hazards Assessments and Site-Specific Assessments Resource tool
OH&S Legislation requires employers to conduct hazard assessments, and either eliminate or put controls in place to protect employees against hazards.

There are many ways companies assess and control hazards in the workplace. The two most common types of hazard assessments are Formal Hazard Assessments and Site-Specific Hazard Assessments.  
We have recently launched a resource tool to provide information on the two common types of workplace hazard assessments, Formal Hazards Assessments and Site-Specific Assessments. Within this resource you will find links to the following. 
  • Information on the differences between Formal and Site-Specific hazard assessments
  • Our on-demand information sessions 
  • Templates on formal hazards assessments, including position, task and discipline inventory
  • Industry examples of Formal Hazard Assessments 
  • Additional resources 
View our Formal Hazard Assessments and Site-Specific Assessments and Resource section today.

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