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Benefits of an ESC COR

Whether you’re new to the COR Program or joining us from another Certifying Partner (CP), we will provide you with the training and support to help you develop an effective health and safety program and provide guidance in obtaining your Certificate of Recognition.

Benefits of an Energy Safety Canada COR


As the Certifying Partner for the oil and gas industry, there are benefits to an Energy Safety Canada COR:

  • Designed for the oil and gas industry – We develop our COR Program offerings through a consultative process with oil and gas employers, which ensures that industry-specific needs and risks are addressed.
  • Streamline audits across provinces – Energy Safety Canada is the only Certifying Partner in Canada that provides cross-jurisdictional COR protocols. That means only one audit is required for companies operating in any of the three western provinces, saving you time and money.
  • Access to certified auditors – There are more than 600 Energy Safety Canada-certified auditors in Western Canada to help you certify, validate and improve your health and safety management system.
  • Expert advice and support – We offer workshops, documents and guides, and one-on-one support to help ensure you achieve and maintain your COR.

To have Energy Safety Canada as your CP, send an email to CORInfo@EnergySafetyCanada.com, or complete the Certifying Partner Request form and email it to us.


Our goal:

Zero injuries.

Zero incidents.