As the national safety association for the oil and gas industry, Energy Safety Canada works with a variety of committees to ensure we meet industry’s needs.

Course/Training Development

We bring together a professional team of industry experts, program developers and instructors to create and update training that meets the latest industry standards. 

To ensure they are meeting a need from industry, all Energy Safety Canada franchise safety courses are initiated by a written request from one or more of the six industry trade associations (CAGC, CAODC, CAPP, CEPA, PSAC and SEPAC).

These initiatives are then steered by a committee composed of representatives selected by the sponsoring association(s). In addition, the participation of pertinent government or regulatory agencies is often requested by the industry.


Drilling and Completions Committee (DACC)

The Drilling and Completions Committee (DACC) is responsible for the development of the recommended technical operating practices for the industry in the areas of drilling, completions and servicing of wells.

DACC is responsible for the development of technical Industry Recommended Practices (IRPs) for the upstream oil and gas industry. IRPs apply to drilling, completions and servicing of wells. DACC's primary focus is the development of IRPs to address safety, environmental performance, cost efficiencies, technical optimization and productivity.

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Energy Safety Canada serves as the secretariat for the Drilling and Completions Committee. In that capacity, Energy Safety Canada provides administrative support to the ongoing work of DACC and its technical subcommittees. Energy Safety Canada also publishes and hosts the DACC IRP library.

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