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Certified Instructor & Authorized Training Provider Overview

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The ability to offer quality safety training is a key component of the support we provide the oil and gas industry. Energy Safety Canada works with industry partners to create and update course materials to meet evolving industry needs.

In order to reach the thousands of workers across Canada, we work with over 500 instructors and training providers to deliver our licensed safety courses.

Defining Roles

Certified Instructors have industry experience and go through a qualification process and training before they are certified to instruct Enform courses. Certified Instructors can apply to operate independently as an Authorized Training Provider.

Authorized Training Providers are organizations, institutions or individuals that offer Enform courses. They are responsible for overseeing all operational aspects of course delivery, including schedules and locations, as well as overseeing the Certified Instructors.

Whether a Certified Instructor, or an Authorized Training Provider, those that are charged with the delivery of licensed courses follow our established protocol to do so.

Click to read more about becoming a Certified Instructor, or Authorized Training Provider.

Authorized Training Providers List

Questions, or requests for more information can be sent to Training@EnergySafetyCanada.com


Shipping Policy for Authorized Training Providers

Order Methods:

Online (ATP Representatives) – You must have an online account (www.enform.ca) and pay by credit card.

Email - CustomerService@EnergySafetyCanada.com your order, with address, preferred shipping method, and payment details.

Call - 1.800.667.5557

Walk in - Counter Orders (order limit), no pre-ordering.

Order Fulfillment and Delivery/Pick-up:

All orders (except counter orders) require up to 3 days to process, plus additional shipping time (based on order delivery method).

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