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Confined Space Entry and Monitor

Confined space work involves some of the most critical hazards in the oil and gas industry, so it is critical to understand and plan for them before starting work. This online Confined Space Entry and Monitor course teaches participants to identify, understand and mitigate the potential hazards of working in restricted and confined spaces.

Developed using the Canadian Standards Association’s Z1006-16 Management of Work in Confined Spaces and the Canadian Association of Oil and Gas Producers’ Code of Practice for Confined Space


Those responsible for the entry, planning and supervising of confined space activities; and for those administering employees and/or monitoring entry into restricted or confined spaces.


  • Roles and responsibilities of workers, supervisors, managers and confined space monitors
  • OH&S legislated standards
  • Code of Practice and requirements for developing one
  • Identification and classification of restricted and confined spaces
  • Requirements for working in or around restricted and confined spaces
  • Hazard assessment and control methods for restricted and confined spaces
  • Entry planning and permitting
  • Atmospheric testing
  • Signage and tagging
  • Emergency response
Government-issued picture ID
Upon successful completion of the required proctored exam with a minimum score of 80% you will receive a Certificate that is valid for three years.
Web camera, headphones or speakers, internet access using Google Chrome, strong internet connection, printer (to print the certificate after successfully completing the course).
Replaces and meets all industry requirements of existing OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor Courses.

Online Course

This course is available online and can be completed at your own pace.

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