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Labour Market Information

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The Petroleum Labour Market Information (PetroLMI) Division of Energy Safety Canada is a leading resource for labour market information and trends in the Canadian petroleum industry.

PetroLMI generates the following labour market information (LMI) and resources:

  • Labour market outlooks: Using a proprietary labour market modelling system, these outlooks are produced annually and provide analysis and insight regarding longer-term employment requirements, hiring projections and labour supply for Canada’s petroleum industry.
  • Current and short-term HR trends and insights: Using data collected from industry and other sources, these reports provide current or short-term labour market conditions and human resources trends within industry. These could include workforce demographics and potential supply pools, in-demand jobs, hiring locations, or best practices for attracting and retaining workers.
  • Career profiling: With the objective of reducing barriers to employment, PetroLMI develops profiles of current and future occupations within the petroleum industry that include working environments, education, skills and training requirements, as well as specialized tools to map career paths and measure skills and qualifications transferability.

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