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Competency Management Systems: A Program Development Guideline

January 9, 2017

Developer: Enform
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Current Status: Endorsed


The purpose of this guideline is to help organizations in the oil and gas sector design and implement an effective competency management system (CMS).


This document describes a CMS as well as providing a high-level overview of the stages and phases in a CMS.

  • This guideline will:
    • Clarify what competence means
    • Provide “how- to” guidance for companies to establish a CMS
    • Provide a resource for larger/more mature companies, to check that their CMS has the essential elements
    • Define the competency cycle system

Intended Audience

The intended audience of this document includes oil and gas industry supervisors, managers, health and safety personnel, senior management and executives, competency management committees, stakeholder groups and all others responsible for designing and implementing a competency management systems.

In This Section

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