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eGSO - Electronic General Safety Orientation

May 23, 2014

eGSO is no longer available after December 31, 2018.

Starting November 1, 2018, Common Safety Orientation (CSO) is a recognized industry standard that introduces new workers to key concepts to help them work in the oil and gas industry.

CSO is the new orientation for the oil and gas industry. Before registering confirm with your employer which ticket is required on your site.

eGSO is a free online general safety orientation video designed to support employers’ existing new worker orientation programs. The 30-minute video meets industry general safety orientation requirements and was developed specifically for the new young workforce entering the upstream oil & gas Young worker in oil and gas industryindustry. It includes the minimum occupational health and safety information that all employers are required to provide to their new, young, and inexperienced workers upon hire or transfer. 

Register for eGSO

New eGSO industry standard

The eGSO was developed based on the General Safety Orientation Guideline for the oil and gas industry (GSO Guideline). An eGSO Record of Completion provides immediate evidence that an individual worker has received the minimum information requirements that are set out in the GSO Guidline.

On September 23, 2013, an announcement was made by all six petroleum industry associations that effective June 1, 2014, an eGSO Record of Completion from Enform will be required as evidence of a worker’s completion of a general safety orientation. This will apply to both new and existing workers. Please consult the newly revised FAQ on IRP 16, eGSO, and PST (published May 23, 2014) if you have further questions at this point in time.

The eGSO video is designed to complement existing new worker orientation programs and so does not contain information specific to a company, prime contractor or individual site. The eGSO is an awareness product and does not contain a test of learning but companies can create their own tests if desired.

Immediate record of completion

Once a user completes the program, they can immediately print out a Record of Completion. It is hoped that this record will help reduce the repetition of general safety orientations as workers transfer or move between work sites within the industry. This record will be archived at Enform and may be reprinted at any time should it be required of workers by employers A sample of the official eGSO Record of Completion is available for individuals reviewing these records.

eGSO and PST Equivalency

The Petroleum Industry Safety Training program (PST) from Enform, a more extensive safety training program, also covers the same general safety information as eGSO. As a result, anyone with an existing PST certificate or achieving a PST certificate has exceeded the requirements of the GSO Guideline. Anyone with a PST certificate should find that they have a printable eGSO Record of Completion within their existing Enform Connect account (or when they create their MyEnform account). Also, going forward, anyone who completes the PST course will also receive an eGSO Record of Completion.

For any additional information on eGSO, please contact Safety@EnergySafetyCanada.com.

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