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DACC IRP Volume #25 - Primary Cementing

January 26, 2017

IRP 25 (2017) focuses on the cementing practices and factors that can impact the success of a primary cement job. It considers all phases of the job from job design through to execution and post-job evaluation. The design and placement of plugs is also discussed, highlighting the areas where practices for plugs vary from wellbore casing cementing. IRP 25 also provides a framework for managing change and establishing a continuous improvement process.

The practices in this document are intended to reduce the risk of issues associated with poor primary cementing operations, including, but not limited to, gas migration (GM), surface casing vent flows (SCVF) and ground water contamination.

The sanctioned document released by the IRP 25 Technical Committee has restricted itself to primary cementing with the goal of establishing a sanctioned IRP on primary cementing using the normal review and DACC sanction processes. The development of IRP 26 Remedial Cementing is underway in Q1 2017.

Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organization: CAPP 
Current Status: Sanctioned January 2017




In This Section

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